Sarah Hardy

The X Factor stars have become the subject of new fruit n’ veg portraits – and is it us, or are they just a little bit creepy? Olly Murs becomes Broc-Olly Murs in these health-conscious, if slightly sinister, new artworks. Rita Ora, Caroline Flack and Nick Grimshaw also get the […]

These X Factor judges fruit n’ veg portraits aren’t at ...

First, there was the cake made to look like an astonishingly realistic raw turkey. Now food artist, Sarah Hardy, has turned her attention to creating sweet treats that look like scarily lifelike bugs. The sweets, which were inspired by Hardy’s passion for natural history, includes a leech, a garden snail, […]

The bugs you’ll love to sink your teeth into: Brilliantly ...

That’s no raw turkey — that’s dessert! Despite its outwardly grotesque appearance, the innards of this creation aren’t full of stuffing, but orange and rum spice cake. In addition, the turkey cake (named “Mr. Mathews”) has an outer “skin” made of marzipan and butter cream. According to its creator, Sarah […]

Raw Turkey Cake By Sarah Hardy Had Us Fooled